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CNT fiber

【Product introduction】

The latest CNT fiber of Cone Technology amounts to, even exceeds the traditional high-performance fiber in the industry in terms of the strength and modulus, and has advantages in mass production for industrial scale in the world.. The composite materials made from the CNT fiber are characterized by the low weight, good impact resistance performance, and are multifunctional. It is regarded as a new high-performance raw material in the industry. This fiber has enormous market values and immeasurable strategic significance. It is widely applied from high end to low end markets, from military purpose of national defense, to the economy and to people's daily lives, with extensive market potentials.

• Product performances:

Strength: 3.2~5.05 GPa

Young's modulus: 120~330 GPa

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• Product characteristics:

Light weight, good impact resistance performance and multifunctional

• Fields of product applications:

Aerospace field, automobiles, high-speed rail, medical device, high-end equipment, wind power generation, pressure vessels, molding & compound, ships, cables, sporting equipment, electronic products, etc.

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